Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letter to Richard Cohen: Disgraceful

Dear Mr. Cohen:

The word "disproportionate" does not even begin to describe the savagery that Israel has unleashed on the Lebanese people.

Israel has massacred and maimed well over a thousand innocent civilians, some as young as a month old. Hastily made mass graves receive the dead; while in some cases the bodies must be left in the rubble to rot because Israeli airstrikes make it too dangerous for the living to recover the bodies. The true death count will never be known.

Israel has destroyed entire neighborhoods, even striking hospitals and ambulances. In an effort to hide from the world what it is doing in Lebanon, Israel has targeted the telephone, radio and TV communication towers. Close to 1 million people have fled their homes. Others remain trapped in their villages without any electricity, in danger of Israeli bombs, and with food, water and medicine running out because many of the roads and bridges have been made impassable by Israeli airstrikes.

And now we learn that it appears Israel is using cluster bombs and white phosphorous in civilian areas causing horrible burns and amputations. It seems there is no end to Israel's barbarity.

For you to rant on and suggest that it is all right for Palestinian and Lebanese civilians to "pay a very, very steep price" is an indication to me that you have absolutely no conscience.

Your editorial brings disgrace not only to yourself, but to The Washington Post.

A Washington Post reader in Vermont


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