Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letter to Richard Cohen: Shocking and racist

Dear Mr. Cohen,

I was shocked to read your column on the Washington Post's Website today. Your language to support Israel's massive bombardment of Lebanon (`Punch your lights out' and `very, very steep price') show a complete disregard for the horror that is being inflicted on innocent people. An attack on a military patrol prompted Israel to target the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon and to bomb villages on the border to empty them of their population. In spite of Israel's claims that it is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties, the vast majority of the dead and injured in Lebanon are civilians. Could Israel do worse? Of course, it did so in 1982. The result was the creation of Hizballah. I dread to think what the current mindless horror will create.

I was further shocked by the almost racist references you make to us Arabs. Israel is `gentrifying a bad neighborhood'? Israel was and remains the bully of the neighborhood. Israel's brutal treatment of the Arabs has led to an ever-increasing radicalization of the region. Israel owes its creation to that brutality. Had it not been for the ruthless expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, there would be no Israel. Yet Israel seems determined to hold on to the notion that only extreme violence will bring an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. They have failed for 60 years, and their brutality today will only make things worse.

I couldn't believe your use of the canard of the `virgins' awaiting martyrs. You don't really believe that is why Hizballah, or indeed Hamas, are fighting?

You yourself note that Israel only withdrew from Gaza and South Lebanon because it decided that it could no longer hold on to it. The lesson is that it is Israel that only responds to violence. Whenever there is an opportunity for negotiations with moderate forces, Israel rejects the very solutions that in the end it is forced to accept. It has never done anything because it is the right thing to do.

And the solution is so obvious, obvious except to those in Israel who still dream of expanding the borders of what is currently described as Israel proper into the West Bank.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Israel's current invasion reflects a long term expansionist plan that was waiting for a trigger point: blind American political support that may never be available in a succeeding American Presidential team & Congress + their stated purpose of recovering 2 captured Israeli soldiers.
Israel is doing to Lebanon today what it did to Palestine in 1948: terrorize the inhabitants of the region it aims to annex; scare the indigenous population out of their land; make it into a ghost town; claim it for Israeli outpost settlements.

5:59 AM  

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