Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letter to Richard Cohen: Unacceptable ignorance

Dear Mr. Cohen:

So Israel is "gentrifying a pretty bad neighborhood" - tell that to the relatives of hundreds of murdered Lebanese and Palestinian civilians! Perhaps it will comfort them to know that they are being "gentrified".

So "calls for proportionality rankle" - too bad that the principle of proportionality is a keystone of the law of war and that in taking disproportionate action, Israel has made itself a war criminal state.

When Cohen writes dismissively of "genteel expressions of fairness" and "some ditsy Marquess of Queensberry idea of war" he is presumably referring to the Geneva Conventions. How surprising that, after the Holocaust, he is so cavalier with international humanitarian law. Or does "never again" apply only to genocide against Jews?

In referring to the Holocaust and "1,000 years of mayhem and murder", he seems to forget that this is hardly the fault of the Palestinians or the Lebanese. Why should they be made to suffer for it now?

So Israel is the only demcratic state in the Middle East? If so it is only because of its deliberate destruction of the embryonic state of Palestine, whose Government was elected in accordance with every democratic norm.

Mr. Cohen's sentiments are not only unacceptable but also ignorant and plain wrong. He does not deserve another single column inch in your respected newspaper.



Blogger Palestine Media Watch said...

After reading about Israel's bombing of an unarmed UN observation post
yesterday, a friend of mine emailed and asked how I thought the US
government would respond if Israel was to somehow "accidentally" bomb America.
I'm sure he was joking, but I wrote back that Israel has managed to do
just that. In 1967, a sustained 75-minute Israeli air and naval attack on
the virtually unarmed USS Liberty killed 34 American servicemen and wounded

Many high ranking US officials, including the heads of both the CIA and NSA,
believed the attack was deliberate. Dean Rusk, the Secretary of State,
called it "an act of military recklessness reflecting wanton disregard for
human life". Despite this, no Israeli has ever been reprimanded for it.
Unfortunately, the US government's response has basically been to ignore
that this ever happened.

Is this what people mean when they speak of the "special relationship"
between the US and Israel?


7:32 AM  

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