Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letter to Richard Cohen: You need to take Human Decency 101

Dear Mr. Cohen,

I was disgusted by your July 25 column, "No, It's Survival." I am shocked that such a racist diatribe is allowed to be printed in a respected American publication. How dare you advocate that the Lebanese or Palestinian civilians be massacred to ensure that no one challenges Israel's colonial rule over the region? Does a "realist" have to accept not only the fact that genocide happens, but that it is a desirable response to those who resist colonization?
I'm a realist too. The reality is that Israel's frequent bombardments of Arab civilian areas have never resulted in peace and never will. It's the occupation, not the presence of Arabs, that is turning the Middle East into what you deem a "pretty bad neighborhood." And by the way, by blowing up Lebanese and Palestinian civilian infrastructure, Israel is not "gentrifying" the region. You need a course in Human Decency 101.



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